Beach FAQ

Q: Which Beach Division should I enter for the Weekly competition?

A: The Beach Divisions are similar to the indoor grading system:

  • Division 1 = CVL premier & reserves
  • Division 2 = Open League 1 & 2
  • Division 3 = Open League 3 & 4
  • Youth - Open League Div 5 & Youth players

Q: Which Beach Division should I enter for the Weekend Events?

A: The weekend events are a series of 'ranking' events across the summer season, each round of the series will be a mini tournament of its own with points earned for performances in each round.

  • Division 1 = Competitive Beach players 
  • Division 2 - New or less experienced beach players

Q: Can Women enter the Monday Night competition?

A: Yes, a mixed or women's team can enter Division 2 and Division 3 however the net height will be set at 2.43m.

Q: Can Men enter the Tuesday Night Women's competition?

A: No.

Q: Can I enter an all Women's team in the Four's competition?

A: Yes

Q: Can I enter an all Men's team in the Four's competition?

A: No, we would consider this to be not in the spirit of the game.

Q: I have a team of three Under 15 players, can they enter into the Beach Competition?

A: Yes, however, the team would need to enter at the Division 3 level.

Q: What is the Gender (Sex) Ratio for the 4 a side Beach Competition?

A: Gender (Sex) Ratio: Team must maintain either 1 x Male, 1 x Female or 1 x Other/ Non binary individual on the court at all times. Example of team compositions are; 1 x Female & 3 x Male, 1 x Male & 3 x Female or 2 x Female & 2 x Male.

Q: How do I sub players in the 4 a side night Beach Competition?

A. Substitution: Players can rotate on & off the court at any time between each point as long as the gender ratio is maintained.

Q: How does the scoring system work for the 4 a side night Beach Competition?

A. Sets 1, 2, 3 & 4 are played to 21 points (2-points advantage) changing ends at multiples of 7 - 5th set is played to 15 points (2-points advantage) changing ends at multiples of 5 - At the end of the game, if a team reaches 11 points (Sets 1, 2, 3 & 4) and have a 2-points advantage they win that set. 8 points in the 5th set.

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