What to Bring

The Lyneham Beach Facility in the ACT can be an unpredictable place with a wide range of possible weather conditions. The following is a suggested list of the “basics” that all players should bring to every tournament.

  • SPF 30+ sunscreen and zinc cream (apply this before you leave home – sometimes it’s difficult to find time to “slip slop slap” once the event gets going). Remember your Lip sunscreen (“chap stick”)

  • At least 5 - 10 litres of water per person, preferably in an insulated container

  • Warm clothes e.g. tracksuit and windcheater

  • A hat/cap and long-sleeved shirt

  • A beach towel and a spare pair of bathers

  • Sports Chamois can be kept in an esky with ice for refreshing timeouts!

  • A ball to warm up with (clearly marked with your name) – match balls are only available for on court warm up prior to the match. Please do not ask the competition administration staff for the use of balls for warm up.

  • Sunglasses – preferably polarised

  • A pair of playing shorts and singlet/t-shirt

  • ‘SandSocks’, or an old pair of socks in case the sand gets too hot

  • A towel to sit on/dry yourself/dry the ball off

  • Socks/runners or Sandals/thongs

  • A T-shirt or similar to change into at the end of the day

  • Anti-Perspirant/Deodorant

  • Strapping tape (if you know that you will need to use it during the day, that is, for preventative strapping).

There is a Sports Trainer/First Aider who will be at every tournament, so there is no need to bring first aid equipment in tournaments.

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